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blu-ray and  Blu-ray discs.Q: JSF 2.0 - JSF Validator: Exclude tags from ID space I have a set of JSF 2.0 (Mojarra 2.1.3) pages that are being shared across multiple applications. The pages utilize a common set of components, and for these shared components, I'm using a custom ViewHandler, to create an instance of a particular component for a specific application. I have a MyViewHandler class that handles all of the view handling, and in particular, it implements the handleView() method: public boolean handleView(FacesContext context, UIComponent component) { MyViewHandler handler = (MyViewHandler) component.getAttributes().get("viewHandler"); if (handler!= null) { context.getApplication().setViewHandler(handler.getViewHandler()); return true; } else { return false; } } In this example, the MyViewHandler.getViewHandler() method returns null, and I would like to skip over this component and continue with the next. I have a validator class that has the annotations @FacesValidator and @ManagedBean. The @FacesValidator annotation is where I have added my custom Validator class: @FacesValidator("com.mine.MyValidator") public class MyValidator extends Validator { I have three questions. The first is, can I exclude a component from this validator? The second is, if I can exclude a component, how do I create the validator object to do so? And finally, I've noticed that the JSF Validator class contains the annotations @javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase and @javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot. It looks like a tag handler, but it's not annotated with the tag handler class. I tried creating a custom validator based off of the UIViewRoot annotation, but I didn't have success. Is there a way to do this? A: The Validator.getConverter() does exactly what you need




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Aiseesoft Blu Ray Ripper Serial Number pamfin

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