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We strive to treat each and every patient with the same care and respect that we would provide a family member or a close friend.

"Dr. Prater has gone above and beyond as my Dermatologist. When I was recently hospitalized she consulted with my doctors to provide me with the most accurate care. She monitors my lab work closely and has notified my primary care physician when something was off. I’ve had psoriasis for 30 years. Dr. Prater is the best dermatologist I’ve ever had. She’s treated me for many years and will continue to do so."

-Verified Patient Facebook


"Dr. Prater is the first dermatologist that has “gone the extra mile” to find a cause for my nail disorder. Dr. Prater took both a physical history and pictures of my fingernails before contacting specialists on the West and East coasts. Dr. Prater is very courteous too and respectful of her patients AND I highly recommend her. ⭐"

- Verified Patient Facebook


"Dr. Prater is without a doubt the most compassionate, informative and attentive doctor (not just dermatologist) I think I've ever had. She's a wonderful conversationalist, and strikes as close to a perfect balance between personable and professional as you can. "

- Verified Patient Google


"Dr Prater is the most caring, attentive & knowledgeable doctor that I and my family have ever had. We have been seeing her for almost 5 years and will continue going to her at her new practice. I trust her 100% with the care that she provides my entire family!"

- Verified Patient Google

"Dr. Prater is the most professional and informative dermatologist I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She took the time to explain my options and I could not have been more impressed with the attention she gave me and my condition. I highly recommend her to everyone!

- Verified Patient Google

"Dr. Prater is a fantastic dermatologist who went above and beyond to diagnose and treat my skin condition. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a dermatologist. I truly can't say enough positives about her."

- Verified Patient Google

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