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Fee schedule

Our clinic offers pricing that is completely transparent and well tailored to each individual patient's need. If you have a severe condition that needs a lengthy initial evaluation, we can schedule a 30 minute consultation so we can answer all of your questions and construct a detailed treatment plan. If you need us to look at just one spot or are doing well on a medication you have been on for years, perhaps a short simple visit is all you need. The table below includes our time based billing approach. Our team will help you decide what visit is right for you.


2024 Fee schedule 

In an effort to provide the most accurate estimates possible and predictable fees, our pricing is time based.  


No show and last minute cancelation policy. 

We strive to provide superior availability and quick access to care to all of our patients.  In order to continue, starting January 1st 2023, Healthy Skin Dermatology will increase our fee to $50 for any appointment missed, canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice. This fee must be paid prior to scheduling any future appointments.

2024 Additional Procedural Charges

Botox - $12 / Unit 

Cryotherapy (Freezing) - $25

Chemical Peel - $50

Shave Biopsies - $40 each

Comedone Extraction - $50 per 15

Punch Biopsies - $50 each

Surgical Excisions - $80 - $200 each

Additional Administrative Charges

Coded Receipt - $10

CMS 1500 - $25

FMLA Paperwork - $25

Cancer Policy Forms - $25

Select Prior Authorizations - $25

For the uninsured and patients with high deductibles we have low negotiated pathology rates starting at $45 as well as many discounted lab rates & medications.

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