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Acne is a common problem that effects not only teenagers but adults of all ages. It is an inflammatory skin condition that effects both hair follicles and oil glands. It is important to identify the key components that drive acne for each patient. This may involve genetics, hormones, diet, the build up of dead skin cells, oil production, the use of oil based or harsh skin care products, and bacterial overgrowth. Dr. Prater takes all these factors into account while developing a customized acne treatment plan with her patients.  



It is extremely important to identify the types of acne present in each patient and to customize treatment based on these factors. The two main subtypes are comedonal acne (white heads, black heads, small red bumps) and inflammatory acne (large bumps, pustules, cysts and even scarring). When assembling a custom treatment plan, it is important to realize that even the best washes and creams will have minimal effect on patients with severe inflammatory acne. Many of these more severe cases will need to have dietary and hormonal issues addressed. They will often also need some form or oral medication.


We use a variety of medications to treat acne, and sometimes some of the best treatments actually involve simplifying a patient’s regimen when harsh exfoliation or oil based products simply don’t agree with a patients skin. Here are some of Dr Prater’s favorite acne products.

Washes: This is often an area where patients can save a little money and still get great quality products. We often recommend mild non-soap cleansers and washes that utilize ingredients like salicylic acid for our patients.

Creams and gels: Multiple products can be used here depending on the acne subtypes, some of our favorites include azelaic acid, topical retinoids, and topical antibiotics among others.

Oral therapies: We use a wide variety of treatments including oral antibioitics, spironolactone and even isotretinoin or Accutane when needed.



Acne is one of the most rewarding conditions in Dermatology to treat because we have the opportunity to really make a difference in our patient’s lives. Call or message us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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